How to Leave the Roulette Table with a Profit

Roulette is a game that seems to reward the few and deplete the many, so how can you make sure that you leave the table with a profit? Simply pray that one day your big payout will come? Or is it better to gradually accumulate cash? Let’s go through some simple steps you can take to maximise your profit when you leave the table.

Choose the Casino with the Lowest House Edge

Beginners should avoid American roulette like the plague. It has almost double the house edge of its European counterpart at 5.26% vs. 2.26%. Thanks to online roulette, you have the freedom to choose the game that gives you the best chance of winning. If you find another version of roulette that has even better odds than that, then go for it! Just make sure the game is from a reputable site.

Bet Low and Save Your Profits

While this may not be the most exhilarating way to play, it is the most sustainable. Firstly, betting low relatively to your bankroll will ensure that you can experience playing roulette for longer, giving you a more fulfilling experience and more chances to win. This will give you a better chance of winning some profits before your bankroll depletes! When you do win, put half of the winnings away so that you can’t bet on them any more. That way, at least if you don’t come away overall with profits, you are more likely to be breaking even.

Play the Long Game

Gradual accumulations, like the method explained above, are less risky as you are better able to walk away from the table with dignity if you get hit with a succession of losses. For example, this means placing large outside bets with greater chances of winning, like “all red” or “odd” with 2:1 odds and placing varying low amounts.

All or Nothing

Sometimes, your tactics and strategies just aren’t working, the long game isn’t going to cut it and you know you will be walking home with a loss tonight. Go all in. While this is obviously risky, and in no way guaranteed to work, sometimes you just have to leave it to fate. That being said - always stay within your bankroll limit and never bet more than you can afford.

Try Roulette Systems, Use Your Judgement

Use systems and strategies, but don’t put blind faith in them. Nothing is failsafe in roulette, including the lauded Martingale system. When they work, it’s a fantastic success, however you need to have the wits in order to recognise when the system is failing. Starting low and doubling your bet until you win and cash out is a great system if your luck turns at just the right point, but it’s also a great way to go bankrupt if it doesn’t.

Never Play With Your Emotions

Great life advice anyway, but more aptly - never play roulette when your emotions are riding high. Emotions are a sure fire way for you to lose your grip on the game. When that happens, you’re a sucker, and the casinos will bleed you dry. When you feel yourself becoming emotional, go and grab a glass of water and get a breath of fresh air. Ask yourself if carrying on playing is wise, and try to make the right decision. If you can’t stop yourself from playing, then you may need help for a problem gambling issue.

Play Online Casinos

Playing on online casinos is a better way to earn cash via the gradual accumulation method. They offer great welcome bonuses, increasing the chances you have to win substantially, and great cash back percentage deals for regular players. Playing online also takes off a lot of the peer pressure some gambler’s experience in land-based casinos. You won’t feel the urge to be taken away with the crowd; instead you can keep your cool from the comfort of your own home, and celebrate accordingly.

Finally, Choose the Right Casino

You’ll never leave with a profit if you are playing at a rigged casino. Sure you might experience a few token wins here and there, but never anything substantial or regular. Especially when you are playing on online casinos, it’s always better to choose casinos that have been verified to be secure, safe and trustworthy by other users or third parties. Our site has a list of the casinos we’ve verified, so that you always know you are playing on fair and licenced casinos.