Mobile Roulette Apps & Casinos

Mobile rouletteForget about being tethered to your desk - you now have the freedom to play online roulette on your mobile device. If you have a mobile and smartphone, and you've got an active Internet connection, then you can play online roulette from anywhere! Mobile roulette is just like the normal Internet gambling that you are already used to, just a lot more convenient. You can take full advantage of the same casino promotions, high tech software, enjoy your favourite games, and play for real money.

Read on for the answers to some of the most common mobile roulette questions and find out why and where you should play roulette from your mobile!

  • Each online casino offers support for various mobile platforms
  • They provide 24 hour customer support to answer any questions
  • Multiple gaming options with real money games are available

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All About Mobile Roulette

Roulette on iPhoneWhen it comes to table games in the casino, Roulette takes the top spot in the most popular list. It occupies more room than any other casino game. Nowadays, you don't have to go to crowded casinos and wait in line to play.

And we don't mean through your laptop or PC, even better, through your mobile and smartphone. All you have to do is download an online mobile roulette app and you can start playing. Spin the wheel any time of the day anywhere you may be.

We're not just talking about typical apps where you play just for fun. Online mobile roulette apps allow you to play for just like when you're in a land-based casino.

Aside from the convenience, there are other advantages of playing online mobile roulette such as the amazing technology behind the app. Online casinos recognise the power of mobile apps so they're developing top of the line software to encourage players to try mobile roulette.

Roulette on AndroidMobile casino gambling is rarely criticised, but when it is, the critics almost always bring up the issue of security. They say that using your mobile device to make a deposit at a gambling website could potentially put your personal banking information at risk, because the signal could be intercepted by a third party.

Something like this is probably technically possible, but there is equally sophisticated technology to prevent it. Think about all of the businesses that give their employees Blackberries and iPhones for business communications - all of the bank statements and alerts delivered via email to cell phones every single day. A lot of progress has been made and now we take the security of mobile communication for granted, with reason, because it has already reached a very advanced point. So playing online roulette on your mobile is likely to be very safe.

Mobile gambling's biggest benefit is probably the fact that it is a great way to pass the time. Don't spend your precious evenings staring at your computer! Most people can squeeze in hours of online gambling during the day in the time that they would normally just waste: sitting in traffic, burning time in waiting rooms, and the incalculable downtime at work.

Roulette on iPadEach opportunity might only appear in bursts that last for a few minutes, but all of these moments may add up to a lot of time that you waste daily. Put it to use and pass the time much faster by fitting in your gambling by taking advantage of mobile roulette and get a chance to win huge money when you play for real cash. It is every bit as fun as playing at home (great graphics, sound effects, reliability, etc.) and it helps you to stop throwing away your spare time.

Top Mobile Casinos

Our Australian reviewers have recently finished going through this year's top mobile roulette casinos and now you can reap the fruits of their labours by choosing one of the casinos that they have recommended.

We list down the best online mobile roulette sites to play real cash. Since mobile roulette is gaining popularity, there are more and more online casinos that develop their own app.

Frequently Asked Questions

The mobile Internet age has brought us hi-speed connectivity on the go and the ability to access our favourite content wherever there’s a strong enough signal. Smartphones and tablets are even replacing laptop and desktop devices for some, as mobile technology advances and mimics the functions we used to think could only be performed in the home office environment.

This “mobile revolution” has had a huge impact on the online casino market. Real money gambling can now be done with greater flexibility than ever before. Mobile casino websites and specially designed casino apps are bringing the full gaming experience to smartphones and tablets. Roulette fans can now access their favourite games on mobile devices.

Does mobile roulette offer the same experience?

In most cases the mobile roulette experience is identical to that you would experience through desktop, albeit played out on a smaller screen that may have less resolution. Aside from the obvious contrast in visual experience, the speed and gameplay elements of mobile roulette will typically be a perfect match for those you’d get on desktop.

Can I use the same account for mobile and non-mobile play?

Yes. Most of the big roulette sites have mobile and non-mobile versions, but your login details remain the same across both platforms. This will also apply to those roulette sites that offer a bespoke app for download. The only exception here would be a mobile-only roulette site, which is not available on desktop.

Is the intermittent nature of mobile Internet a problem?

Slow Internet speed can sometimes be an issue with mobile roulette play, but generally speaking you’ll be in a network that is more than capable of handling the requirements for gaming. Some prefer to play non-download roulette on mobile, as it works on a slower connection and doesn’t require the bandwidth you need to download special software.

Should I play via a mobile site or app?

The truth is it doesn’t make much difference. Providing the mobile site has been designed to maximise your experience, you’ll get a great mobile-centric roulette game that is optimised for your tablet or smartphone. The slight advantage with mobile roulette apps is you can always be 100% sure they have been optimised for the mobile market, as that was the intention when they were built.

Where an app beats a mobile roulette site, is where the mobile site has not been fully optimised.

Is live dealer roulette play possible?

Live dealer roulette play is an exciting new development in the online gambling world and one you can experience through mobile and desktop. You just need to seek out the roulette sites that offer live dealer play through their mobile site or mobile app. They are certainly available, and most games you’ll find on desktop will also be available for mobile.

Is my phone suitable for online play?

Providing your phone has a mobile browser you should be fit and ready to access online roulette. Most roulette sites will list the specifications required for mobile play at their site. Generally speaking, Windows Phone, iPhone and iPad, BlackBerry, Android and other smartphone devices will be equipped for mobile online roulette play. If you still have a big brick from the 1990s you might not be so lucky however!

Does roulette use a lot of data?

Data usage varies depending on the mobile roulette casino you’re playing at. We would strongly advise you research the data per hour required to play at a site, to avoid being stunned by a high bill that reflects your playing time. Generally speaking the data usage should compare to that of normal Internet browsing time on your smartphone or tablet device.