Multi Wheel Roulette

Multi Wheel RouletteHave you ever hopped into the Crown Melbourne, pulled up to a Roulette wheel, dropped $100 on evens, and then cringed when the ball hit 15-black? Chances are it's happened. And you usually don't feel too bad - until you look over to the Roulette table next to you. It's the one you decided not to play at. And of course, had you played there, you would have hit your bet.

But online, it doesn't have to be that way. Now there's a game that completely changes your view on wins and losses. Multi Wheel Roulette takes the same Roulette game you know and love, but adds up to seven additional wheels. That's right. Eight wheels in all. One Roulette board. And lots of chances to win.

History of Multi Wheel Roulette

Multi Wheel Roulette is a Microgaming exclusive. Microgaming is an online casino software provider, so that means many online casinos offer Multi Wheel Roulette to their players. One of the biggest complaints from online casino players is that too many casinos focus on their slot machines. It's easy to come up with innovative slots with interesting themes, but it's not so easy to create new table games that players can quickly grasp. That's why too many casinos ignore their table games suite. For the most part, it has remained unchanged.

Unchanged, that is, until Multi Wheel Roulette hit the market. By adding several more wheels to the mix, Microgaming has upped the thrill level for table games fans. Every bet has more opportunity to hit, so players have quickly discovered that Multi Wheel Roulette is an easier game to win. Because bankrolls tend to fluctuate up and down more than regular online Roulette, players find themselves enjoying the tables a lot longer.

How to play Multi Wheel Roulette

It's easy to play Multi Wheel Roulette, both for free, or for real money AU$. Simply sit down at the online Roulette wheel and you're presented with your traditional Roulette board. However, instead of just one wheel to work with, you've got eight of them. Now here's the great thing. In Multi Wheel Roulette, you don't have to play all eight wheels. You can play as few as one or as many as all eight. It's your call.

Some online casinos will pre-select all eight for you. Others will have five pre-selected but leave three disabled. To activate a Roulette wheel, just click it. Then, bet as you normally would by clicking on a chip value. To bet that chip value, click the board on the spot you'd like to bet. When you're happy, click Spin and watch all the wheels spin. After they come to a stop, each wheel will zoom to show you where the ball has landed. All bets will be paid out, and any losing bets will be collected.

Betting differences in Multi Wheel Roulette

Remember, Multi Wheel Roulette at Microgaming casinos offers you the chance to play up to eight wheels at once. And while you're only placing bets on one board, you're essentially placing bets at eight different Roulette tables. Your bet is always multiplied by the number of wheels you're playing. That means a $10 bet on evens is actually an $80 bet on evens when you play eight wheels.

Ready to try Multi Wheel Roulette? You'll find it at online casinos powered by Microgaming. Try it out at our favourite ones, listed above. Not only will you earn a bonus for signing up, but you'll also get to play for free first, so you can make sure Multi Wheel Roulette is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes, you just want more. Nobody’s saying traditional forms of roulette are over, but when the technology is there to deliver something entirely unique to the online gambling world, why not deploy it? That’s what you’re getting with multi wheel roulette play – a format that is ONLY possible in the world of real money online casinos.

Multi wheel is available for desktop and mobile, and delivers a mind-blowing online gambling experience to everybody brave enough to try it. Think you’ve got the basic forms of roulette nailed down? How about taking on the ultimate challenge and playing more than one wheel at a time? Now that’s some serious buzz.

What is Multi Wheel Roulette?

Traditional online roulette formats are played with just one wheel. The specifications of the wheel can vary slightly based on the game, but the overriding principles remain that you wager on which of 37 of 38 pockets a virtual will come to rest in, after being spun around the top of the wheel.

Multi wheel roulette applies the same rules, but allows your bets to count for more than one wheel at a time. You choose how many wheels are in play and you stand to win on every single one of them, should you bet come in.

How does it work?

Players place their bets before every spin. You can bet on the number to come in, the colour (red or black), a range of numbers, or on a number of other categories. The more likely the outcome of your bet(s), the lower the odds, and vice versa.

The difference with multi wheel roulette is that, when placing your bets, you also get to decide how many wheels to play. This could be anywhere from two wheels to eight – all of which will display on the screen in front of you. Your stake is multiplied by the number of wheels selected, thus a $10 outlay becomes a $50 bet if you have five wheels in play.

Once you’re ready, one click sets the wheels in motion. Should you lose, your entire stake is gone to the bank. Should you win, you’re picking up the win on all of your live wheels. The more wheels you shave in play, the greater chance of a really, really big win.

Is it popular?

Multi wheel roulette is very popular, with the obvious appeal of heightened adrenalin as you double down or more, and bigger stakes to be won and lost. It doesn’t draw the number you’ll find playing traditional formats, however, as you’re potentially talking about a bigger bankroll requirement and a danger of spending too quickly.

Is it worth playing?

Absolutely. Multi wheel is not for beginners, but if you’re a seasoned online roulette player it’s worth trying at least once to see what you think. If you find yourself breathing heavily and losing sleep that night, it’s probably not for you. But if you rise to the challenge and relish the thrill of it all, multi wheel could be your new gambling fix.

Can I use a betting system?

Betting systems don’t guarantee wins on one wheel, let alone multiple wheels, so forget about applying a perfect formula to make you a millionaire. They simply don’t exist and the moment somebody invents one, roulette will be over forever.

Betting systems can be used effectively to manage your budgeting however. Setting a spending limit and making sure you bank from big wins is a great tactic to avoid going too far in the hole. It might also be that having a system in place makes you feel calmer and better prepared.

Can I play for free?

Yes you can - it's great to try it just for fun. Free play is readily available for multi wheel roulette games, and that means you get a really good feel for the format before having to drop any real cash on the virtual table. Try it out, and if you like it you’ll be playing for real in no time at all.

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