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Spingo RouletteSpingo is a unique combination of roulette and bingo that is a great way for beginners to get started playing without the confusion or uncertainty that the more formal roulette games possess. Australian online casino players who have never seen a traditional roulette board will feel comfortable with Spingo's design and be able to jump in the action quickly.

Spingo isn't just for beginners either. Although Spingo does provide an easy way for new online roulette players to get the feel of the game for fun, even experienced roulette players enjoy a break from the stricter game style. The Spingo board and wheel loosely resemble that of a normal roulette game; however, there are far fewer choices for betting.

Spingo Betting

Players pick a number from zero to ten rather than zero to thirty-six, and choose from three instead of two colour combinations. Like traditional online roulette, Spingo offers Australian players the option to pick even or odd rather than a particular number. In Spingo, Australian players can also simply choose a number or a colour alone and still win.

When the wheel is spun, instead of a single ball being dropped to the wheel, in Spingo, Australian players watch a lottery style system where numbered balls are blow up through a clear sheath and the first one to land on the wheel in a particular colour slot is the winner.

Payouts for the winning number, colour or combination appear in easy to see graphics on the screen, and are added to the player's account automatically. Likewise, if the player loses the spin, the amount of money bet is automatically deducted from their overall account.

How Numbers are Chosen in Spingo

Like all online roulette games, in spingo the numbers that end up appearing are created with a RNG system. RNG stands for Random Number Generator, and no one person or the online casino itself has control over the outcome of the game.

Australian players will enjoy the game of Spingo. It is a single player game, and play is fast and exciting. Once you join, you use your mouse to select the value of the chip and number of chips you wish to play and the number or colour combination to place them on. Players may bet on more than one number, colour or combination of both using additional chips to increase their odds of winning on any given spin. Then you spin the wheel and watch the results played out for you in bright, crisp graphics.

Are You Ready For Spingo?

Spingo is one of the newest forms of online roulette offered, and therefore may be more difficult to find, but we have it here for you to enjoy. The 3D table and wheel give the Spingo table offered on this site a real feel so you can sit in the comfort of your own home and enjoy a true casino atmosphere without the hassle or time involved in travelling to a land-based establishment.

With online casino Spingo, you can play this fast-paced game anytime and anywhere. Try Spingo today and see how much fun bingo style roulette is to play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spingo takes the best parts of roulette and bingo and marries them together for a fast and fun gambling game that is taking the Internet by storm. If you try the game at Spin Palace, the site our expert reviewers recommend, you’ll find it very easy to learn and the gameplay extremely intuitive.

Spingo is a great entry point for real money gamblers who want to try online roulette. The betting options are more straightforward than European, American or French roulette, and thus the game is more immediate in its appeal. You can play Spingo on desktop, but also on smartphone and tablet devices.

What is Spingo?

Spingo is an online gambling format that is a great twist on two beloved casino games – bingo and roulette. There’s a virtual roulette wheel, but instead of metal balls spinning into pockets, you have a bingo-style ball drop that fires out numbered balls. These balls rocket around the wheel before one lands in a coloured slot, thus giving you the winning combination of colour and number.

Spingo incorporates three sets of balls than run from zero to 10. These are coloured red, yellow and blue. You also have a green pocket, which serves as the equivalent of the zero on a classic roulette wheel. You can bet on individual numbers, ball colour, range of numbers and odd/even numbers. Bets are placed before even ball drop.

How does it compare with other games?

Spingo is a very different experience to that you’ll get from traditional roulette formats. The more simplistic gameplay lends itself to faster place and the way the balls are fired undoubtedly adds a new drama to proceedings. You’ll feel like you’re playing the lottery, only with a genuine chance of coming up a winner.

Spingo is certainly not as nuanced as French roulette, so you might miss that element of complex thinking over bets, but if you like to mix things up it’s absolutely worth a few play to see what you think. Spin Palace’s graphics are slick and there’s something very intriguing about seeing the roulette wheel in a new design, with balls firing out the middle.

Is it popular?

Spingo is very popular online, mainly for the reason it offers roulette lovers something fresh and exciting. The game is an innovative design and can prove extremely addictive once you get in a groove.

Is it worth playing?

We would recommend you at least give it a spin (pardon the pun), even if you just use the free play option. Spingo’s appeal is not for everyone, but a big number of players online love the format and find it a refreshing alternative to the traditional roulette and bingo formats than dominate online casinos.

Can I use a betting system?

Don’t be fooled into thinking roulette betting systems are some kind of special sauce to guarantee success. There’s yet to be a system invented that guarantees roulette success on the traditional formats, and we can’t find any out there that deal specifically with cracking the Spingo code. Bear in mind we’re talking about numbers that are randomly generated by software here.

That being said, betting systems can be very useful if you’re deploying them for the purpose of budget management. Having a plan in place can help you avoid spiralling into a big loss and make sure you bank your winnings as they come in. Some players find it very helpful to map out their spending approach before they sit down to play.

Can I play for free?

Yes you can play it just for fun. Spingo is available as a free play option at Spin Palace and many other sites. This is great news, as it means you can sample the game without committing your hard-earned cash and get to know how all the rules first. Don’t expect the same buzz that you’ll get from real money play, and be sure you make the switch as soon as you’re competent.

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