European Roulette: What You Need To Know

European RouletteWe know it and we're sure roulette fans like you know it too: European roulette is a special game. It offers players a little touch of something generations of gamblers have never quite been able to put their finger on.

Maybe what sets roulette apart from other casino games is its history of being a hit game for centuries or perhaps it's to do with the fact roulette is a 'real pick-up-and-play' kind of game. You don’t need to buy lots of expensive European roulette strategy guides to win on Internet roulette wheels. With this flavour of roulette, all you need is a rough idea of how you plan to bet and a bit of patience. Read on to check out the tricks of the trade that’ll enhance every game you play!

European Roulette Is Go!

On this page we’ll look at the differences between American and European versions of the game, what your odds are like on a European roulette online wheel and go over the rules of the game too.

First things first; what exactly is the European roulette game? Yep, we know it seems like a simple question but it's always good to start off with the basics.

Playing the European version online and at land-based Australian casinos can be as easy and simple or as complicated as you make it.

The rules are pretty much identical to the American game you might be familiar with. The main difference relates to the European roulette wheel itself. In the Euro game there is only one ‘0’ on the wheel, where as in the US version there are 2 slots for 0, the ‘0’ slot and the double zero ‘00’ slot.

The single zero on the European wheel means something great for players as well; better odds of beating the casino!

The house edge is only 2.7% on European roulette online free games and real money ones but in American roulette it's a different story. American roulette has a house edge of 5.27%, so probably best to steer clear of the US version completely and head for the brighter, better European roulette odds.

Is European Roulette Online Just For People In Europe?

Good question, no it's not. You can play on the Internet from anywhere in the world, whether you want to play for real cash, or just for fun, free. That includes Australia, so it’s game on!

European Roulette Odds and Bets

Check out really helpful guide full of all the important stats you should know before you play. Knowledge is power, my friend and we can use this info to manage our funds and risk taking at the European roulette online tables!

Variation House Edge
American Roulette 5.2%
European Roulette 2.7%
French Roulette(La Partage Rule) 1.35%
Bet Name Winning Numbers Payout Odds Against Winning(French) Expected Value($1 bet)(French) Odds Against Winning(American) Expected Value($1 bet)(American)
0 0 35 to 1 36 to 1 -$0.027 37 to 1 -$0.053
00 00 35 to 1 37 to 1 -$0.053
Straight Up Any Single Number 35 to 1 36 to 1 -$0.027 37 to 1 -$0.053
Row 00 0, 00 17 to 1 18 to 1 -$0.053
Split Any two Adjoining Numbers Vertical or Horizontal on the table layout 17 to 1 35 to 2 -$0.027 18 to 1 -$0.053
Odd 1,3,5,etc.. 1 to 1 19 to 18 -$0.027 1.111 to 1 -$0.053
Even 2,4,6, etc.. 1 to 1 19 to 18 -$0.027 1.111 to 1 -$0.053
Red 1,3,5,7,9,12,14,16,18,19,
1 to 1 19 to 18 -$0.027 1.111 to 1 -$0.053
Black 2,4,6,8,10,11,13,15,17,
1 to 1 19 to 18 -$0.027 1.111 to 1 -$0.053

European Roulette Rules

The rules for European roulette online are exactly the same as in the American version of roulette. At land-based Aussie casinos and around the world, the Euro flavour of the game is known for being slower than the US version and that’s because the croupier plays a bigger and more elaborate roll in the game, by raking chips and making announcements. These all take time and so luckily in the European version of the game, there is no croupier to delay things!

Now, it’s definitely obvious that both of types of roulette are extremely similar but what about French roulette? Well, it's very much the same, except all the bets have French names and you can make special bets like ‘en prison’, which entitles you to your money back if the ball lands on 0!

If you can find a European game that uses the French rules, you’ll be in luck because French rules reduce the house edge to a tiny 1.35%. So, that means if you’ve recently graduated from playing European roulette online free games and are now playing for real cash, the effect of that mini house edge is going to be felt in your wallet straight away.

One European Roulette Strategy To Try Today

Remember when your parents told you that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is? Well, it’s the same with European roulette tricks and systems. If you have to pay for that information, it’s a massive red flag. That’s because the truth is there are no guaranteed ways to win with European roulette for fun or for real money.

Every new spin of the wheel is independent of the last spin. What that means is that there are no patterns to be found in European roulette online and that the sequence of winning numbers is random.

The best piece of advice out there about playing any online casino's European roulette game is to just gamble what you can afford to lose. One of the other great things to remember is that the smaller your bet is on each spin, the longer you'll be able to play for!

Frequently Asked Questions

European Roulette is one of the easiest casino games to learn to play - and you can do so for free at tons of Aussie online casinos. All you have to do is pick a number, a colour or a row, place your bet and hope that the ball lands on your spot! Beginners have just as much luck as advanced players, and the thrill never gets old. Once you get a bit of experience playing, it can be fun and exciting to start learning some especially beneficial betting strategies so that you can increase your odds even more. Once you get to this level, the game starts to look a bit more complicated. Roulette is an incredibly popular game, and we get tons of questions from beginners, long time players, and anyone looking to increase their chances of winning. We put together this easy FAQ guide to answer some of the most common questions about European Roulette.

What are the benefits of European Roulette?

The main benefit of European Roulette is that the house edge is much lower than American Roulette. This is because there are fewer spots on the wheel, so no matter what you bet on, you have better chances of winning.

Is the table layout the same?

Yes, the table layout is the same for all versions of Roulette. The only difference is the wheel itself. European Roulette wheels have numbers 1-36 in black and red, and 0 in green. American Roulette has an additional spot, 00 in green as well. The table layout remains the same in both games.

When you look at the wheel you’ll notice that the numbers are arranged randomly. This is so that the odds of winning on an even/of, high/low bet are evenly distributed. The American wheel has a totally different arrangement of numbers so that the 00 can be directly opposite of the 0 and the odds will still be evenly dispersed.

What does the improved house edge equate to?

American Roulette has a house edge at a whopping 5.27, while the European version is only 2.7, almost half. This is all because of the extra 00 on the American wheel.

Are the rules much different?

The rules and bets are exactly the same, the only difference is the additional 00 on the American wheel. Some European tables play a “French” version in which all of the bets are placed in French, and you also have the option of playing “en prison,” which means that if you land on 0 you get your bet back. The croupier plays a bigger role in the European version, raking chips and making announcements, but when you play online there is no croupier to slow down gameplay.

Are Roulette systems and strategies still relevant with European Roulette?

Yes, absolutely! The rules are the same, so you don’t need to adjust your strategy at all. European Roulette does have a special kind of bet called “call bets” or “announced bets” that are predetermined bets covering certain sections of the wheel. For example, there is a bet called “voisins du zero” which covers the same 17 numbers surrounding the 0. Also, the “five number bet” is only available on the American version. This bet includes the numbers 1, 2, 3, 0, and 00. Stick with the simple bets and strategies and you will have no problem switching between American and European tables.

Is the payout rate the same?

Yes, the payout rate is exactly the same in all versions of the game. You will most likely win more money playing European Roulette, but it is not because of the payout rate, it is because the house edge is so much lower.

Should I stick to playing one version of roulette?

If you like winning, stick with European Roulette. Your chances are much higher, as evidenced by the significantly lower house edge. If you are at a casino with both, it is always a better bet to go with the European version. If you are at an American casino that offers no other choices, you can still have fun playing American Roulette. Then again, there are some people out there who enjoy the greater risk of American Roulette!

What casinos enable me to play all variations?

The online casinos we have chosen and linked to below are specifically curated for Roulette players. If you visit our list of the top Roulette casinos out there, you can try out every version of the game under the sun, free. All good online casinos should have many versions of Roulette to choose from, and we found the best ones for you to play at today and start winning!

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