Premiere Roulette Diamond Edition

Free Premier Roulette Diamond EditionOnline roulette players worldwide are pretty familiar with the two basic variations of the game: European and American. The surprise for some is that there is another variety busting open onto the scene that has been around since 2008 called Diamond Edition or DE.

Diamond Edition, or sometimes known as Premiere Roulette has the same basic look and feel as European or American roulette, but with a few interesting twists that make it more exciting and it also offers more chances to win.

History of Diamond Roulette Diamond Edition

Premiere Roulette DE began in the US at a land-based Atlantic City casino. It followed a traditional route to Las Vegas where it found a huge audience and quickly made the jump to online roulette casinos worldwide. What gives Premiere Roulette DE its exciting new edge? More colours! Instead of simply having to choose between red and black, Australian online casino players can select from 1 to 36 in red, black, green, yellow, purple and blue. Premiere Roulette DE is found in both European (single 0) and American (double 0) styles and is played in the same basic manner, placing inside or outside bets on where the ball will land.

While Premiere Roulette DE is growing in popularity amongst the Australian roulette community thanks to its thrilling format, it is still harder to find than the more common varieties. Australian online roulette players will love the features provided here for Premiere Roulette DE. The platform is easy to understand and use and the vibrant 3D graphics bring out the best in this enticing roulette variation. It's almost as much fun to watch as it is to play, and the 3D viewing quality gives players the ability to see exactly what is going on when the wheel is spinning.

Play Premiere Roulette DE Against Others

Another aspect that makes Premiere Roulette DE so exciting is that the other players at your table are real people, not just computer generated icons. You have the community feel and live action playing atmosphere that drives land-based roulette excitement, imported into an online environment. You can use chat messages to communicate and engage in fun banter over the table as the wheel turns, and feel less solitary than in more traditional online roulette games. Of course, with online Premiere Roulette DE Australian players never have to wait for a space at the table, the action is always moving and open for fun. Unlike other player based games, in Premiere Roulette DE everybody plays, but they are still playing against the wheel, not each other, so the tension and competitiveness of other online casino games doesn't exist.

Betting Differences in Premiere Roulette DE

The biggest difference besides having many more options for selection of colour based bets is that there are no even money bets on the Diamond Roulette board.

Try Premiere Roulette DE today and see how much fun the additional betting options and engaging atmosphere are. Not only will you up the odds of winning from the more traditional European or American versions of online roulette, but you'll have more fun in the friendly, exciting live player surroundings.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s online roulette, and then there’s Premiere roulette diamond edition (DE). If you want to take your casino play to the next level, this is the game to play! It delivers incredibly slick gameplay and a luxury format you can’t help but fall in love with. To think, it wasn’t that long ago online roulette lovers had to make do with 2D graphics and just the very basics in terms of functionality.

When it comes to online roulette today (free and real money play), technology is advancing at a rapid rate and Premiere roulette DE is both an example of what’s possible now and what the future may hold for online casinos.

What is Premiere Roulette Diamond Edition?

Premiere roulette DE delivers all the great excitement of traditional online roulette, but with a selection of superb added features to heighten the experience. You can chat in game to other players, pull up game stats and even change the look and feel of the roulette wheel and board to match your mood.

The format uses impressive 3D graphics to deliver an authentic casino experience to your desktop or mobile device, and plays out every spin to make it feel as if you were sat in a real casino in Vegas. You’ll find the DE wheel has just one zero pocket, to match the European and French wheels and give players better odds than you’ll find with American roulette.

How does it compare with the other variations?

It goes without saying we would all rather fly in business class then economy. That’s the best way to describe the upgrade of playing Premiere roulette DE versus playing the regular online roulette formats. You’re getting everything you’ve come to expect, but adding some amazing new features and a stunning visual experience to heighten your enjoyment.

Is it popular?

Players flock to the format as the gameplay is super-intuitive, the pace is fast and you really do feel like you should be dressed as James Bond and sipping on a martini, shaken not stirred of course. Think of Premiere roulette DE as the VIP option in the online roulette market.

Is it worth playing?

Absolutely. If you’re looking into online roulette formats you’d be mad not give Premiere roulette a spin. You can even try it for free first (more on that below), and we can guarantee you’ll be won over by the presentation and gameplay deployed.

Can I use a betting system?

Here’s the thing about online roulette betting systems. There are literally hundreds out there, but we are yet to see one that truly impacts your ability to win at the wheel. Therein, betting systems are not a fast track to success, but they can help you play a more solid, budget thoughtful game.

We would advise using betting systems to regulate your level of spending. For example, this can be done my setting maximum levels on bets and committing to bank a percentage of your winnings whenever you taste success. Follow rules like that and you’re less likely to come undone for a big loss. You’re also more able to keep playing for longer.

Can I play for free?

Yes you can, and it's great to play just for fun. The site we’ve highlighted for Premiere roulette DE, Spin Palace, has a great free play option that gets you acquainted with the format without having to drop Australian dollars on it. Free play is the ideal option for those just starting out with Premiere roulette, but be aware you’ll soon crave the greater thrill of real money play.

Play money roulette will teach you the ropes, but it won’t come close to delivering the true casino buzz and spinning that wheel with something at stake.

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