Online Roulette Australia FAQ

We've talked about the legality of online casinos in Australia. We've looked at the best sites to play roulette. We've talked strategy, and we've talked history. But there are still going to be questions. We understand that.

So our team has sat down and come up with a comprehensive list of the most frequently asked questions (or at least a list of questions we are often asked - well, the clean ones anyway).

Here, in this FAQ, you can find the answers to pressing questions you may have on legal issues, gameplay, software, banking and security. Everything is sectioned off, making it easy to jump straight to what you are looking for.

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Online Play

Do I need a good Internet connection?

A decent Internet connection is important to ensure your roulette game doesn't crash mid-spin. If you're at home, invest in a reliable broadband connection; if you're on the move, ensure your Wi-Fi area is good or you have a solid 3G/4G reception.

Can I play online any time of day?

Yes, of course. Online roulette casinos never sleep, unlike some land-based casinos.

What accounts allow me to play multiple games?

Many of the best desktop casino sites will let you open up several tables at once. As long as your monitor is big enough to handle the tiling, there's no reason why you can't play half a dozen roulette tables at once.

How are no-download games different? Are they better?

In terms of graphics and playability, you may find a slight discrepancy with no-download games compared to traditional desktop ones. No-download, instant-play roulette normally works via Flash or Java, meaning they're quick to load in your web browser but sacrifice some of the extra features of a solid download client. There's no 'better' version; it all depends on how convenient you want your games.

Are there any Australian based sites?

No. Under the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 it's against the law to operate a roulette casino online from Oz. That doesn't mean, however, that you can't play at offshore sites. Remember, no Australian player has ever been fined or arrested to playing at an overseas casino website.


What roulette variation offers the best winning odds?

All versions of roulette have the same odds, e.g. both European and American roulette pay out 35/1 on a single number or 1/1 on black/red and odd/even bets. However, the house edge varies between games, and that can affect your chances. European Roulette (with a single zero) has a house edge of 2.7% but this jumps to 5.26% when playing American Roulette.

Where should a beginner start?

Although the scale of variations is huge online, beginners should opt for European Roulette to start with. The payouts are better and the range of betting is much simpler. Stick to the 'outside' bets to begin with, which pay out even-money on wagers. These include the Red/Black and Odd/Even sections and are the best long-term bets for profits. Outside 'column' bets (12 numbers each column) are good for a few smaller side bets and pay 2/1.

Should I follow a roulette system?

It's fun to try a betting system with play-money first, then give it a try with a few bucks. However, most systems only reward very long-term play and aren't profitable in the short-term. They also run the risk of you going bust before you see a return.

Can I play online for free?

Yes. The advantage of online roulette sites over their land-based partners is that you can practice some of the games for free without risking a cent. Try out a variant you like, or test out a new casino site, then deposit some Aussie dollars when you feel confident enough to play for real money.

Live Roulette Games

How do live roulette games work?

Live Roulette, or Live Dealer Roulette, works in the same way as normal online roulette (selecting stakes and placing bets on a virtual table layout) but with one exception: the roulette wheel is spun by a trained human dealer.

They will normally be situated in a TV studio or land-based casino environment for added authenticity, and they will instruct the players to place bets before spinning the wheel and dropping the ball themselves.

Winning numbers are picked up by the computer by sensors in the table and winnings paid out accordingly. The whole action is captured via cameras set up at the table that are beamed through to the online casino. Players can even chat in real-time with the dealer to ask advice who will read questions on the on-screen chatbox and respond.

Are they much different to the virtual counterparts?

Some players don't entirely trust the RNGs (Random Number Generators) used by online casinos for their roulette games. What Live Dealer Roulette gives you is the human element of the croupier spinning the wheel and handling action. Of course, a real-life wheel is random too, but some players are more willing to trust a human being than a computer program.

Other than the human element, you may find that the minimum betting stakes on Live Dealer Roulette a little bigger than traditional online games. Plus, of course, it's much slower to play Live Roulette than the fast-paced traditional online variety. That's an important consideration if you're racing to work off a roulette bonus that requires a lot of volume.

Are the odds of winning any different?

No, the games have the same odds. As with European vs. American, the house edge differs due to the table layout.

What if I don't have a great Internet connection?

If you have a poor connection, your stream may drop and you'll either lose track of winning bets or miss the opportunity to place new ones. It's important to have a good broadband connection (or solid WiFi if you're on the move), and have a decent graphics card so you can enjoy the video stream in all its glory.


How do bonuses work?

Roulette bonuses vary from site to site, but the most common is the deposit bonus. Deposit bonuses work by giving players free cash by wagering enough roulette bets in a given timeframe. Bonuses can amount to 50-200% of the deposit amount back, absolutely free.

Who is eligible to claim a bonus?

Anyone who deposits real money can claim a casino bonus. However, some casinos offer 'no deposit' bonuses for small amounts (say, 10 bucks) which rewards small-time players for trying out a new account.

Is there a catch?

There's always a catch. All bonuses require regular roulette play, but some sites only accept a portion of your roulette action in triggering a bonus. For example, one casino may allow 100% of your roulette spins to count towards a 'play-through' amount, while another may only accept 50%. Plus, you might find that European and American roulette contributes while Live Dealer or Immersive Roulette doesn't.

What makes a good bonus?

A good roulette bonus will allow 100% of your gambling action to contribute towards a bonus. Good bonuses will also set a low 'play-through' requirement. For example, if a bonus has a wagering requirement of 40x your stake, and you deposit $50, you'll have to wager $2,000 in order to claim free cash. Wagering requirements vary from site to site, but a 25x-30x figure is good.

Can I withdraw this money?

Yes. Most bonus cash, once triggered, will be released to you in increments (say, $10). Once in your gambling account you can withdraw it to your bank account.

What is a no deposit bonus?

No-deposit bonuses are offered at some sites and reward roulette play without the need to load up your account with funds. Bonus amounts will be much lower than traditional deposit bonuses, around $10-20, but they're good for trying out games and new sites.

Can I receive bonuses from multiple sites?

Of course. There's nothing to stop you signing up with multiple casinos and claiming as many bonus promotions as you want.


Can I trust that online roulette isn't fixed?

As long as a casino is properly licensed and audited, you shouldn't need to worry. Reputable casinos have licenses that insist on the Random Number Generators (RNGs) that govern the wheels being audited on a regular basis.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes. Roulette sites often use the same SSL encryption that international banks use. That means your log-in and bank data are always kept safe.

What should I look for to spot a trusted roulette site?

Look at the homepage first to see logos marking licensing jurisdictions and auditing house. You're looking for a trustworthy legal jurisdiction like Gibraltar or the UK, while logos from leading auditors like TST or eCOGRA are a sign that the software is legit. Other than that, check our reviews where we list the sites with the fastest payouts and best customer support.

Are there any that shouldn't be trusted?

Yes. Don't play at sites that have a long reputation for withholding player funds, poor records on cash-outs, or are governed by shoddy jurisdictions who dish out licenses like sweets to kids.

How can I avoid online scams?

Only play at sites we have recommended here. All our top sites have been reviewed with attention to weeding out blacklisted casinos and poor-quality sites that have rubbish software and security. You can be sure that with our reviewed sites you won't run the risk of losing your winnings or having your account hacked into.

Deposit Options

What is the safest payment method?

Deposit methods that rely on bank security, such as credit and debit cards, are reliably safe. The transactions are protected with SSL double locket encryption so that every payment is scrambled. E-Wallets like PayPal are good as you never divulge your card info with a gambling roulette site.

Do I require a credit card?

No. Online roulette sites let you deposit with debit cards, third-party e-Wallets and even prepaid vouchers that can be used on the web.

Credit/debit cards vs. digital wallets - which is better?

It depends on what you want. Debit cards and credit cards are good for widespread acceptance rates, and the fees and minimum deposit limits can be low. Digital wallets are anonymous, though, and let you load up one account via multiple cards. You can then use one simple e-wallet login at any casino without ever having to share your card number with a roulette site.

Should I avoid using my debit card?

No, unless you're worried about your card details being stolen (and that's highly unlikely at the top sites). Debit cards let you spend only what you can afford and the fees are often waived.

What is the best method for Australians?

Use a method that works for you. If you can handle the fees and don't have ready access to funds, a credit card might be right. If you prefer the anonymity, use an e-wallet. You can also use a third-party processor like POLi which was devised in Australia and allows bank transfers direct from several leading Aussie banks.

Can I play in AUD?

Yes, although you may have to incur some conversion fees first, depending on where the site is based.


Can I play roulette on a mobile device?

Of course. Mobile gambling has exploded in the past couple of years, and you can now have a few roulette spins on the go wherever you are. You can play for real money too.

How does the mobile experience compare?

To fit on your credit card-sized smartphone screen or slightly bigger tablet, the mobile roulette software will be tweaked to make the game as user-friendly as possible. That means you'll have the table layout taking up the whole screen, with betting/spin buttons off the screen which can be accessed with a swipe of the finger. Other than the limitations of a small screen, the game remains the same.

Do I require a stable Internet connection on my device?

Yes, either a good 3G/4G signal or WiFi is essential. You should also be aware of any data usage you might incur while playing. Playing roulette online for money takes up a few MBs a session, so make sure your phone package can handle the usage.

Do I play using apps or via a mobile browser?

It depends. Some casinos have their own download apps, either available at the relevant App Store or direct from the site. If they aren't available, you can play roulette directly via your web browser on 'no download' sites. Just log-in on your smartphone and play for AUD.

Mobile vs Tablet - which is better?

It's hardly rocket science that a larger tablet is better for playing games than a tiny mobile phone, but other than the screen size there's not much difference. The best new smartphones easily match tablets for power and graphics, and they can fit in your pocket.

Can I play across devices?

Yes. While there are some very good mobile-only roulette casinos out there for Aussies, the best sites work on multiple platforms. That means a casino may have a download client for your PC, a separate one for your Android smartphone, with a back-up instant-play option on your web browser.

Can I play on a Mac?

Sometimes. The best roulette sites will have separate native clients that can be downloaded on a Mac, while other sites simply let you log-on on a Mac via the web browser. As long as the Mac supports the casino software, you should be able to enjoy the same games as PC players.