Biggest Mistakes New Players Make In Roulette

Roulette: just a game of luck, right? Then why is it that some players always seem to leave the game with a smile, while others leave head in hands, feeling desperate? The truth is, you can make some big mistakes while playing roulette. Especially if you are a newer player, you may find yourself getting carried away, betting carelessly or insistently, over confident that your luck will change. In this section, you will learn the biggest pitfalls new players fall into and how to avoid them.

Spending More Than They Can Afford

This amateur error signals a total lack of control by the player and spells disaster for the gambling session. Without a spending limit, gambling can very quickly spiral out of hand as the player waits for their luck to turn. Gamblers can end up spending much more than they can afford. If their luck turns sour, the player could end up broke, frustrated and in a lot of trouble in their personal lives.

Avoid this by making a bankroll limit.Set aside an acceptable amount of money proportionate to your personal budget that you are OK with losing. Once that money is gone, your gambling session for the day is over! Be strict with yourself and when it’s time to call it a night, you will be satisfied that you only lost money you could afford to lose, and had a great time doing it.

Losing Everything

Of course, you don’t need to keep playing until your bankroll is completely spent. If you are playing well, learn to recognise the signals that it’s time to cash out. Some players will hit their zenith and over egged by confidence they continue to bet until catastrophe strikes. This is a disappointing blow for any player at any level, but can be particularly discouraging for new players who have yet to fully experience the highs and lows of roulette.

Avoid this by knowing when to stop. This is an issue that some people have regardless of their luck on the board. If you are enjoying a winning streak, you need to be aware of when you are at your peak and cash out of the board. If you are experiencing a losing streak, have the courage to accept your losses and try again another day.

Spending Entire Bankroll In Ten Minutes Flat

Some players, caught up by the high numbers others are betting, will place inordinately high wagers simply because they can immediately afford it. They then lose their first two or three rounds in a row and realise that their bankroll is completely spent, resulting in a disappointingly premature end to the game. To add insult to injury, the player sees their numbers come up in the next round. If only they could have stayed longer in the game…

Avoid this by not over betting. If your bankroll is $100 then making $25 bets can be a fast track to regret. Sticking with $1-5 bets will mean that you can spend longer in the casino enjoying yourself. If your bankroll is over $500 then making $25 bets is perfectly acceptable. Making $100 bets however, while delightfully risky, may mean that your session is extremely short lived.

Letting Emotions Take Over

Finally, the biggest mistake that new players make is playing emotionally. Whether the emotion is desperation, frustration, anger or over-confidence, this kind of playing signals a bad end for the gambler. Emotion will cloud the players judgement and concentration, meaning that they will make mistakes on the board, bet when they shouldn’t, and illogically choose numbers based on previous rounds. Emotion will make the player forget that roulette is a game of probability.

Avoid this by keeping a clear head and staying rational. Take regular breaks and talk with friends or loved ones if you are feeling over emotional. They will advise you that it’s just a game and that you need to take a step back. Switch to a glass of water instead of coffee or alcohol. While everyone can get a little bit heated playing sometimes, if you find yourself regularly becoming over emotional while playing roulette and making increasingly bad judgements, you may have a problem with gambling and should seek professional help.