Citadel Deposits for Online Roulette Casinos

CitadelAustralian online roulette players have found that using Instant Banking by Citadel offers them an excellent solution for their casino deposit challenges. Instant Banking is fast, secure, and effortless. It’s available at quality online casinos that offer a range of roulette variants, including American, European, French, and Progressive Roulette. If you’re an avid Australian roulette player who wants to fund their casino account in real time with a premium service that offers low fees, then Citadel is for you.

  • Available at a wide range of Australian online roulette sites
  • Convenient, extremely fast, and simple to use
  • Safe and secure, never expose your personal information to third parties

As an online roulette player in Australia, you want to make sure that your casino account has real money in it when you need it. Citadel’s Instant Banking system makes sure that your online roulette account is funded and ready for you to place your favourite single number, split, corner, and outside bets. Using Instant Banking, Australian online roulette players can fund their accounts in a matter of minutes with the actual cash transfer taking mere seconds.

How Instant Banking Works

CitadelThe Instant Banking process is very simple. In a few short steps, an Australian online roulette player can fund their casino account. It’s as simple as filling out a short form, submitting it to your bank, and transferring the cash into your online roulette account.

To start, go to your online roulette banking page and select Instant Banking, Citadel, Direct Banking, or Internet Banking. At that point, you will be sent to a new page where you’ll be asked to supply some basic information. This includes the amount you want to deposit, your bank’s routing number, and your bank account number. After that, you’ll be instructed to select your bank from a list of financial institutions.

Once you select your bank, you’ll be taken to the institution’s webpage where you’ll log in. When you’re at your online bank account, you’ll be asked to confirm the transaction. In doing so, Citadel with take the cash from your bank account and transfer it to your Australian online roulette account. Once the cash is in your account, there’s no waiting. It’s available to you instantly.

The entire process takes a few minutes and the cost is inexpensive. Citadel charges 1.5 units of your local currency for each transaction. Tracking your deposits is easy, as each time you move cash from your bank account to your online roulette casino account it will be listed as “Citadel Commerce” on you bank statement.

"Australian online roulette players love the convenience, security, and reliability of Instant Banking by Citadel."

Advantages of Citadel for Australian Online Roulette Players

The advantages of Australian online roulette players using Instant Banking from Citadel are numerous. The entire transaction process takes minutes to complete and once approved it takes just a few seconds for Citadel to put the cash into your online roulette account. There’s no waiting for your transaction to be approved or recognised by your online roulette site.

It is amazingly convenient for Australian players to access Instant Banking. Online roulette players can transfer cash from their bank account to their online roulette account by using their PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet. Plus, there’s no need to download a software application, as Instant Banking by Citadel can be accessed via your browser.

Australian players also like the fact that Citadel is a cash only service, which means no credit cards are involved. That translates into no finance charges, no need to pay back your credit card company, and no fees except for a minimal charge per transaction from Citadel. This is an economical way to fund your online roulette account.

Instant Banking by Citadel is an extremely user-friendly service. Players don’t have to register to use Citadel, there’s no need to wait for an e-wallet to be pre-funded, and your information is never compromised. All in all, Instant Banking is a top-notch, extremely safe and secure cash-transfer service. Deposits are made in real time.

The Best Citadel Online Roulette Casinos

CitadelWe’ve taken the time to evaluate a large number of Australian online roulette sites. In comparing these roulette casinos, we’ve weighed each site’s bonuses and promotions, customer service, security and safety, and banking services. We’ve also considered the range of roulette games that they offer, knowing that roulette players have their preferences as to which game they like the most.

You’ll discover that our online casinos offer American, European, French, Multi-Ball, and Progressive Roulette, as well as other variants. All of these Australian online roulette sites have endorsed Instant Banking by Citadel as a funding source. Check each one out to discover which roulette site is the right one for you. Once you do join one of the quality online casinos on our page, use Citadel to fund your account instantly and begin playing the game of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

These Citadel FAQs will provide you with insights into its Instant Banking products. Please use these questions to learn more about Citadel, how it works, and how you may use it to fund your online roulette account.

How does it work?

Citadel offers Citadel Direct Internet Banking, which is a rapid cash-transfer service. Known also as Instant Banking, Citadel is accepted by a wide range of online roulette websites, including those in Australia.

Overall, Citadel makes it easy for consumers to use their services. You don’t have to set up an account, and there’s no need to fund an e-wallet. In just a few easy steps, you can move cash from your bank account to your online roulette casino. When you go to your online casino website choose Citadel. If you cannot find Citadel listed on your casino’s banking page, you may find it as Instant Banking, Direct Banking, or Internet Banking. After choosing this feature, you’ll be taken to a new page where you can begin the process.

All of the Instant Banking methods described above require the same basic steps, which include providing information concerning your bank, account, and amount of cash to be transferred. When using Citadel make sure you have your banking information readily available to help facilitate the transfer, making it as smooth and fast as possible.

Do they allow online roulette payments?

If you live in Australia, you will be able to transfer cash from your bank account into your online casino account. In Australia and many other countries, a large number of online poker rooms allow payments utilising Citadel Direct Internet Banking. Commonly, you will find this service listed on the poker room’s banking page as “Citadel” or “Instant Banking.” Australian poker players like using this method, as it is fast, secure, and simple.

Is it safe to use?

Citadel’s Instant Banking services are completely safe and secure. You never share your personal banking information with your online casino. Only Citadel accesses your information and simply in order to withdraw the cash from your account. Once that part of the process is complete, your online banking information is no longer needed.

How fast are deposits & withdrawals?

When you use Citadel to transfer money into your online roulette account your deposit will be made in a matter of seconds. The longest part of the process involves filling out the Instant Banking form, which takes a few minutes at the most. Once the transfer is made into your online roulette account, you’ll be able to use it immediately.

Not all online roulette casinos that offer Instant Banking deposits also provide members with the opportunity to make withdrawals with Citadel. Check with your online casino to see if they do provide this service. Also, ask about any possible fees and how long the process will take. Withdrawal times vary from site to site and can take from one to 10 days, and in some cases longer.

How does it compare?

Instant Banking is a method preferred by many who want to fund their online roulette accounts safely, quickly, and easily. It is secure and efficient. You never share your bank password or account information with a third party. There’s no charge for using Citadel’s services and very little paperwork to fill out.

Players also like Citadel because they are using cash and not credit to fund their online roulette account. Along with keeping their credit card information safe with Citadel, online roulette players don’t have to pay any finance charges on the money they are using.

Finally, Citadel Direct Internet Banking transactions are especially convenient for online roulette players, as the process is not only fast and efficient, but the player’s cash is also available immediately. Once they implement the cash transfer, they are just a few seconds away from being able to play their favourite roulette variant.

Are there any fees involved?

Citadel charges low fees for their Instant Banking services. The cost is 1.5 units of local currency per transfer. Also, you may find that your bank or online roulette casino may charge for either deposits or withdrawals. This does vary from bank to bank and casino to casino.